How’s your day BTA Holder?

We hope that we are all well and healthy. Time has passed so quickly, changes after changes have occurred in the crypto market.

We have read the news, Bitcoin is now legal as a payment tool in El Salvador country. In fact, the President announces mining Bitcoin using energy from Volcano heat.

Of course, this is good news for Cryptocurrency Holders around the world, we congratulate those of you who are in the country of El Salvador for being able to use transactions with payments cryptocurrency “bitcoin”

We know this is a very early step until all the country doing the same.

Today we want to provide information on the development progress of Btachain Protocol for you.

We have completed display and function of BTA20 | BTA721 Token & Smart contract, in the near future, we will sync the new data explorer to the current Explorer Testnet.

Also Developers will be able to create BTA20 Tokens & Smart Contracts to conduct trial transactions through our Testnet very soon.

Other functions are also on the way to completion, we will provide news updates in the near future for further developments.

Bitcoin asset is here to Recreate the bitcoin history 10 Years ago