Holder’s 🌐 growth and market confidence in #BTA exceeded our expectations, this is an amazing achievement.

Our Developer Team is still working on the launching of the #BTA20 protocol, of course, this takes time to complete to the Testnet stage for launch.

We are still running according to the #Roadmap, currently, we are entering phase 2, Focus on branding 🔥 #Bitcoinassets to the wider #world #market.

Some videos are already in the process of advertising via Youtube, and some #media collaboration is being processed, maybe in the next few days, we will be present in several online cryptocurrency media to #branding 🚀 Bitcoin assets.

Aim for the goal and #HOLD don’t sell your future here. if you sell the token at a low price then you can get a #loss for buying at the #above #price.

#BTA chain protocol is not a 1-month project or 1-year project, our target is a 💰capitalization of $ 20- $ 50 Billion over a 4 year period.

With the #BTA chain protocol, we are sure that we can definitely achieve a #capitalization of Min $ 20 Billion in 4 years.

We’ve only been running for 10 days and we’re still on the track.