Greetings 💙 to #BTA #community

One thing that we are very 💙 proud of right now is witnessing your loyalty in waiting for #BTA to become a #CRYPTO #ASSET that will repeat the momentum of #BTC

We are proud of you, thousands of people online every day make us even more excited in building #BTA even bigger

When we were exposed to various issues starting from the sudden #BSC decision #without #negotiation, taking a one-sided stance without thinking about the negative impact on more than ten thousands of loyal #BTA holders

All these obstacles can’t stop the movement of #BTA, we will return with #INNOVATION to adjust the latest market share

We will soon launch the #NFT #Token, as well as the Farms & Staking Program. ALL in one website (NFT marketplace)

Cheap and affordable #NFT tokens will interrelate and support each other between #NFT and #BTA tokens

#BTA will be even stronger with the support of the Farms & Staking Program and #NFT Tokens will be coming soon.

We will update info about #NFT Tokens that will be powered by #BTA in the next 7 hours.



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