BTA 🎊 Blockchain & Explorer Testnet has been launched.

Follow the trial phase of the BTA Chain Testnet using metamask wallet, follow the guide below👇

Download Metamask> Create a wallet on

🌐Settings>>>Add/custom RPC networks

✅ Network Name: Btachain Testnet
✅ New RPC URL:
✅ Chain id: 1072
Currency Symbol: BTA
✅ Block explorer URL:

The final step “ADD/SAVE”

The next step is to Claim a #BitcoinAsset

Copy your wallet from metamask> Enter> Click Faucet> enter your BTA Chain address> Redeem

After you get your balance, you can make transfers between wallets with the BTA chain network with the address in front of it is 0x …

This testnet function will be used in the future for developers to make #BTA20 Token trials and #BTA20 Smart contracts.

#Mainnet was launched as soon as we made sure Testnet was running smoothly.

Opensource Documentation via #GitHub we will share soon after 100% perfect trial.

We are getting closer to the big changes in #BTA #Protocol

Keep up with the news through our Official channel.

#BitcoinAsset through BTA Protocol Will repeat the history of bitcoin

Bitcoin asset is here to Recreate the bitcoin history 10 Years ago