Apology statement, Addressed to: BSC Scan & Etherscan Team

Addressed to: BSC Scan & Etherscan Team

Bscscan Team Matthew Tan etherscan.io

In this statement we apologize to the BSC & Etherscan team, if there is information data on our website or our whitepaper where there has been misunderstanding or misinformation, which has resulted in some communities thinking that BTA is part of BSC or Etherscan.

Here we want to emphasize that the BTA chain protocol was built by the team itself, not the BSC or etherscan team


We want to inform our entire community that we are not part of the BSC or Etherscan team, we are BTA Chain Protocol standing alone with our own team, our own technology, and our own Blockchain, it’s just that in the future our wallet can be synchronized with the BSC & Etherscan network.

The technology we use is only similar to BSC or Etherscan products.


We, the BTA Chain protocol team, will immediately make changes to the information on the website & change the Whitepaper in the near future to improve our presentations or to correct miscommunication between the BSC & Etherscan team.

After the changes to the website information & whitepaper are complete, we will reapply the data again to the BSC scan to re-update our smart contract information data that was in the BSC scan as before.


The BTA Chain Protocol is here to be able to connect with the BSC & Etherscan network in Blockchain technology in the future and collaborate with each other through cross-chain transactions.

We, BTA Chain Team, are very grateful & appreciative to the BSC Team, for reminding us of the presentations on our website and our whitepaper.

Hopefully, with this statement, the BSC & Etherscan team can forgive us, and in the future, we can develop and grow well together in the world of blockchain & protocol.

We love the BSC & Etherscan team


BTA Chain Team

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