BitcoinAsset X CoinMarketCap

>20K USD Airdrop On @CoinMarketCap

🗓️ Sep 9th — Sep 30th,2021 07:00 AM UTC

The description on CoinMarketCap Site

This News is dedicated to All of you holders ❤️

🎉 You can trade #BitcoinAsset on several exchangers that We’ve cooperated in the near time.

for 10 winners every day for 7 days, each winner gets 1000 Long Assets (BEP20)

From July 28th, 2021 to August 4th, 2021

How to get started

Step 1 > Download Metamask Wallet or Use your current Metamask Wallet.

Step 2 > Custom RPC URL and Chain id

Step 3 > Claim Faucet via

Step 4 > Make transfers between wallets, the more transactions you have, the greater the chance to be a winner.

Step 5 > waiting for winner information via our official Social media.


Btachain Testnet Full Version will launch on July 28th, 2021 08:00 am UTC

For this version, you can Claim a Faucet of Bitcoin Asset and LONG Token BTA20 to make transfers between wallets.

During the complete Testnet trial period, we provide a LONG Asset NFT Token Giveaway (BEP20) which will be sent directly to your registered address which makes transactions on our Btachain Testnet.

The total giveaway prize is 70,000 LONG Asset NFT Token (BEP20) with a Random system, 10 Winners every day for 7 days starting from July 28th, 2021 to August 4th, 2021, with 1000 LONG prizes each.

You have a higher chance of becoming the winner of the LONG Asset Giveaway (BEP20) if you frequently transfer balances between wallets.

Remember, We are getting closer to the grand launch of Btachain #MAINNET

Long Asset #NFT 🌈 Token

First Literature Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in Crypto Assets

Long Asset Token functions for Staking, Farming, and can also be used for transactions at the #LONG #NFT #Marketplace, #Collectibles & #NFTs.

On April 17th, 2021 08:00 am UTC

Website 🌐 Launch
Whitepaper 📄 & Roadmap 🧭 Release
Create LP Pool 🥞 pancakeswap

The network currently used is the #Bsc-chain #network

Next will be Available on the #BTA-chain network

Max Supply: 500 Million #LONG

Pair On pancakeswap

200Million LONG Create LP + 100K BTA
LP Lock for 🗓 1 Year

Starting Price 💰 Estimated $ 0.0007 / #LONG

You will get complete information about the whitepaper, Roadmap, and Tokenomic after our website is launch.

For information about #LONG Asset, you can visit our website and social media below:

One thing that we are very 💙 proud of right now is witnessing your loyalty in waiting for #BTA to become a #CRYPTO #ASSET that will repeat the momentum of #BTC

We are proud of you, thousands of people online every day make us even more excited in building #BTA…

Bitcoin Asset

Bitcoin asset is here to Recreate the bitcoin history 10 Years ago

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